The Company

Celblos Dermal Research Centre is a one-stop professional skincare consultant and OEM manufacturer committed to developing treatment skincare products that ride the latest technology and feature innovative breakthrough active ingredients. We believe in harnessing the best that science and nature has to offer in our quest to create dermal solutions that bring out one's natural beauty.

Whether you are just starting a skincare business or redeveloping your existing skincare line, we can create customized formulations and develop private label products to specifically suit the needs of your niche and meet the regulations.

Our cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice)-certified manufacturing plant attests to our advanced scientific know-how and thorough quality control validation steps, ensuring you only receive products of the highest caliber. We conform strictly to cGMP to guarantee optimal standards and product safety.

An analysis is carried out for each product developed to ensure its efficacy. It is then tested and validated through rigid chemical and clinical processes to achieve optimal effectiveness without any side effects.

Our team of professional chemists and dermatological experts specialize in the research and development of skincare formulations. Couple this proficiency with an intense dedication, and you can be sure that your products will have a competitive edge over other brands in the market!

... We conform strictly to cGMP to guarantee optimal standards and product safety ...